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Roof-top maintenance


Putting It Off
How lack of maintenance fails our heritage.
A report on the research programme on the maintenance of historic buildings led by Maintain our Heritage

Putting It Off - the final report (pdf 860 kbytes)

Contents of this report are listed below.

01_Why ‘Maintaining Value’ was undertaken

02_Executive summary
2.1 Maintenance – what is it and why do it?
2.2 Features of current maintenance
2.3 Recommendations and policy options

03_The ‘Maintaining Value’ research programme

04_Maintenance: the optimum strategy

05_What’s happening now?
5.1 Maintenance policy
5.2 Maintenance management process and procedures
5.3 No public support for owners following designation
5.4 Cost savings of maintenance
5.5 What motivates owners to undertake maintenance
5.6 The practicalities of maintenance management
5.7 Development or support of market solutions

06_Recommendations – what can be done?
6.1 Reconcile policy and legislation with conservation principles
6.2 Maintenance management process and procedures
6.3 Support for owners
6.4 Assessing costs and value of maintenance over time
6.5 Motivating owners to undertake maintenance
6.6 Facilitating maintenance
6.7 Market solutions
6.8 Monitoring the implementation of the proposed recommendations

Appendix 1: Members of the Steering and Task Groups
Appendix 2: What is maintenance?
Appendix 3: Summary of tasks for each recommendation theme
Appendix 4: Proposed sector discussions to disseminate and debate research findings



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