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Roof-top maintenance


Module 5
Demand and Supply: Building the Business Case for Planned Maintenance

Contents of the report on this module are listed below.

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1 Context
1.1 Introduction
1.2 What is a Heritage Building?
1.3 Scope of the study
1.4 Methodology
1.5 Maintenance Guidelines for Heritage Buildings
1.6 Maintenance of Heritage Buildings: Public and Private

2 Building the Business Case: experience to date
2.1 Case Studies
2.1.1 Review of the Maintain Bath Pilot Programme
2.1.2 Review of Demand in Holland - Monumentenwacht
2.2 Existing Service Providers

3 Establishment of Supply
3.1 Key Issues Surrounding Supply
3.2 Existing Supply Size
3.3 Possible Differentiation within the Market
3.4 Insurance - related products

4 Establishment of Demand
4.1 Market Size and Characteristics
4.2 Cost and Frequency of Repairs
4.3 Potential Revenues

5 Merging of Supply and Demand - Is there a case for New Businesses
5.1 Is Demand Sufficient?
5.2 Is Supply Sufficient? (See also Appendix C)
5.3 Is the Market Flexible Enough?

6 SWOT Analysis
6.1 Strengths
6.2 Weaknesses
6.3 Opportunities
6.4 Threats

7 Conclusions and Next Steps