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Roof-top maintenance


Module 3
The Provision of Commercial Maintenance Services for Listed Buildings

Contents of the report on this module are listed below.

Click here to view Contents, Executive Summary and Chapters 1 to 4 in pdf format.

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Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Research methods
2.1 Sources for samples
2.2 Telephone interviews with service providers
2.3 Website analysis: professional and trade bodies
2.4 Client questionnaire
2.5 Telephone interviews with clients

3. Findings
3.1 The consideration of historic building maintenance by professional and trade organisations
3.2 The provision of commercial maintenance services
3.3 Current barriers within the commercial maintenance service market

4. Conclusions
4.1 Demand side
4.2 Skills supply
4.3 Consultants’ awareness of maintenance
4.4 Awareness of conservation issues
4.5 Summary


Appendix 1: Schedule for semi-structured telephone interviews with consultants and contractors
Appendix 2: Questionnaire sent to client organisations
Appendix 3: Schedule for semi-structured telephone interviews with client organisations

List of Tables
Table 2.1: Summary of consultants interviewed
Table 2.2: Summary of contractors interviewed
Table 2.3: Summary of client organisations interviewed