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Attic maintenance

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Roof-top maintenance


Module 2
Individual Owners’ Approaches to the Maintenance of their Listed Buildings

Contents of the report on this module are listed below.

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Executive Summary

1 Background to the research
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Previous research
1.3 Research aims

2 Methodology
2.1 Focus group
2.2 Questionnaire
2.3 Telephone interviews

3 Findings
3.1 Awareness of legal responsibilities
3.2 Attitudes towards maintenance
3.3 Maintenance practice
3.4 Attitudes to an independent maintenance inspection service

4 Conclusions



Appendix 1: Questionnaire to listed building owners
Appendix 2: Questionnaire results
Appendix 3: Occupational and settlement classifications used to analyse questionnaire data
Appendix 4: Breakdown of interviews by settlement and building type
Appendix 5: Schedule for semi-structured interviews with listed building owners

List of Figures
Figure 3.1: Reasons why individual listed building owners maintain their building
Figure 3.2: Reasons why individual listed building owners do not use architects, building surveyors or builders as sources of maintenance advice
Figure 3.3: Frequency of external painting and decorating
Figure 3.4: Frequency of gutter clearance

List of Tables
Table 3.1: Percentage of owners who said that they would be very likely to consult professionals and friends or family members for advice on the maintenance of their listed building