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Attic maintenance

Roof-top maintenance

Roof-top maintenance

We would like to expand the list of "falling masonry" incidents and to make it accessible so that people appreciate the scale of the problem and the need for maintenance.

We are collecting data about bits falling off buildings into the public domain, where the underlying cause is likely to be neglect or decay, so this excludes incidents of eg vehicle impact. We are also excluding buildings which were undergoing repair works or demolition at the time of the incident. The buildings do not have to be historic buildings. Entries for non-UK incidents are also welcome.

Please help us by either giving us more detail on the incidents we have already included, or some basic details of any other incidents of which you are aware. These details are likely to be be published. Many thanks.

Please be as precise as you can. but if you do not have any type of data, or are unsure of it, please state "not known" or "approximately".

We greatly value your help.

Due to excessive spam we have removed the form. Please send details to us here:

Suggested details you may wish to provide are listed below:

City, Town, village in which the incident took place:  
Name or address of building:  
Approx age of building:  
Type of Building ie church, house, office etc:  
Date of Incident:  
Were any injuries caused? Please distinguish between fatalities, serious injuries and slight injuries.    
Description of Incident:  
Was the incident reported by the media? If so, please indicate which newspaper, radio, TV or any web site reporting it and any date on which the report appeared or was broadcast.  

Your details:
Company/organisation (if applicable):  
Job or post title (or nature of interest):