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Prevention is better than cure

Attic maintenance

Roof-top maintenance

Roof-top maintenance

GutterClear is a maintenance service for places of worship in the Gloucestershire area. It offers regular maintenance visits to clear gutters and downpipes.

All it takes is a handful of leaves, a few twigs, a dead pigeon or a tennis ball to cause a blockage that can lead to damage costing tens of thousands of pounds to repair. GutterClear will save faith communities lots of money, time, organisation and worry.

To mark the successful completion of the first three years, Maintain has published a report.

GutterClear: the first three years highlights the scheme’s achievements and the lessons to be learnt.

Well over one hundred churches have taken part so far. The scheme has shown that such a maintenance service is needed, can be run successfully and is valued by its customers.

Hard copies of the report, GutterClear: the first three years, are available from Maintain our Heritage.

GutterClear before and after

Maintain is renewing its call for regular "MoT" style inspections of historic buildings. The call comes after research by Maintain has found that at least 5 people in the UK have been killed in the last 7 years by masonry falling off into the street, with 2 seriously injured and 7 slightly injured. See Maintain's list of Falling Masonry Incidents. We welcome further information on these incidents, or any others, via our Falling Masonry Feedback Form.

Recent projects
Maintain conceived, set up and ran a trial maintenance inspection service, the Bath-area pilot.

Maintain led wide-ranging research into maintenance issues in partnership with DTI, English Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund and others culminating in the publication Putting It Off.

Maintain helped Wolverhampton City Council to give a Maintenance Matters Day on 22nd November 2006 as part of its Broad Street/Stafford Street Townscape Heritage Initiative, with presentations by Nigel Dann, a tour of the area and an aerial-camera introduction for participants to the less visible architectural features and maintenance challenges of this characterful area.

Maintain recently drew up a business plan for a maintenance service for places of worship with sponsorship from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group.

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group